Santa Romeo

from by King Reign

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Santa Romeo

Down through the chimney,
at a quarter to 3,
dropping off loving for a young mommy,
out comes a nigga runnin after me,
out to the ride parked past the tree,
five old timers stand casually,
I couldn't understand why they were staring at me,
they said,
we that young girls family,
we about to tear apart,
your anatomy,
ran four over,
cuz they were in front,
reversed and hit the last,
bastard for fun,
he never had a chance,
cause he really couldn't run,
but it was me or him man,
he could have had a gun,
kinda, felt bad in my gut,
stared in the face of the witnesses,
like what,
I only messed with her,
cause she wasn't no slut,
I didn't know my ass would,
get in such a rut,
heart still pumpin,
drove around the town,
playin in my head,
how they all fell down,
pumped james brown,
just to calm me down,
called my voicemail,
I paused and pressed pound,

she loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, she loves me not,

she loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, she loves me not,

She said baby I’m sorry,
didn’t know he was around
Don’t worry about pops,
He’s known to fall down,
I can’t understand if you hate me now,
I cause home to mother you won’t take me now,
Find in your heart, don’t make me frown,
I can’t stand the Rain, don’t make me drown,
Call me on my cell phone if you’re still down,
I’m leaving this nigga, I be staying downtown
Click the phone girl, you’re on your own
Romeo Reign stays on the go
Next stop only my alien friends know
If you understand the planets man say hoe

Down through the chimney,
at a quarter to three,
dropping off loving for a young mommy,
thinking bout doin this professionally,
learning long loving,
came easy to me,
runnin from love,
hopin they won't fall,
every five minutes,
hopin they won't call,
she said till you return,
I'll keep your pictures on my wall,
then it's not so bad,
it's not so bad at all,
she was the best of'em all,
we used to play doctor,
when we both were small,
she had an old soul,
rocked jeans with a shawl
used to knock a nigga out,
if he wanted to brawl,
now the woman she became,
was beautiful,
for wifey type hype,
she was suitable,
for more information,
call the board of education,
for a free demonstration,
call me



from Santa Romeo, released February 14, 2017
Produced by Darp Malone
Trumpet by Ivana Santilli
Drum Edit by Skratch Bastid


all rights reserved



King Reign Toronto, Ontario

King Reign has developed his own distinct style of relating his thoughts, insights and musical feel. His delivery brings you directly into his vibe. His strong voice bellied by a smoothness that tricks the listener into relaxation as he drops stories of city life, and intuition. He believes, "I don't rep the streets, I rep the people in them". ... more

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